2014 April

Spain Madrid SLEAZY Madrid 30 April 2014

2014 May

Spain Sitges International Bear Week 1 May 2014
Denmark Copenhagen Eurovision Song Contest Denmark 2014 6 May 2014
Spain Madrid ILGTA 31th Annual Global Convention 8 May 2014
Belgium Brussels Belgian Pride 17 May 2014
Hungary Budapest Budapest Jazz Spring 17 May 2014
Spain Maspalomas (Canary Islands) Gay Pride Maspalomas 19 May 2014

2014 June

United Kingdom London Pride in London 22 June 2014
Turkey Istanbul Instaball 26 June 2014

2014 July

Spain Madrid Madrid LGTB Pride 2 July 2014
United Kingdom London Fetish Week London 7 July 2014
United Kingdom London Lovebox 18 July 2014

2014 August

Spain Barcelona Circuit Festival 6 August 2014
Canada Montreal Pride Montreal 12 August 2014
Spain Gran Canaria Dunas Festival 12 August 2014
United Kingdom Manchester Manchester Pride 22 August 2014

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