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Tony's Bar was the first gay bar that opened in Spain in 1962 followed by the first lesbian place in 1968: Pourquoi pas (Why not), both in Torremolinos. That was indeed a true leitmotif that shows the oasis of freedom that surprisingly breathed since the 60's in this town.

Since then, that small village in the South of Spain became one of the main LGBTI international tourism destinations. Nowadays,Torremolinos is a city that comprises an atmosphere of diversity and freedom that you will find in its incomparable beaches (especially recommended is Bajondillo beach with El Gato and El Edén bars) and the wide range of nightlife spots located in the area of ​​La Nogalera.

The recent opening of the Ritual hotel, focused on the LGTBI community, and the multiplication of events focused on the gay segment, including the celebration in June of its LGTBI pride, contributed Torremolinos is fairly positioned in the Top Ten of the favorite European destinations.

Gay hotels in Torremolinos

Places of Interest

El Gato & El Eden Beach

The best Gay Beach in Torremolinos is located between two of the most renowed Gay Beach Bars: El Gato Lounge and Eden Beach Club.

La Nogalera

More than 20 gay and lesbian bars and clubs are located in La Nogalera, the LGBT area of Torremolinos.

Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden

This awesome Botanical Garden is located on the outskirts of Torremolinos, and has more than 500 different species of trees, palm trees and bush.

San Miguel Street

This is a shopping area with souvenirs, fashion shops, shoes stores and typical andalusian restaurants.

Torre de los Molinos o Pimentel

Located in the old town, it is one of the best examples of Nazari architecture. It was part of a group of defensive towers build around 1300 a. D. during the ancient Kingdom of Granada.

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