Paris International Lesbian & Feminist Film Festival

From 31 of October to 4 of November

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The International Lesbian and Feminist Film Festival of Paris celebrates its 30th anniversary. It is one of the most renowed festivals and is dedicated to the Cinema made and aimed to the LES community. That is why the entrance is only restricted to girls.

Organized by the Cineffable association, in addition to the screening of the best films on lesbian and / or international feminist themes of the last 12 months, the festival hosts a multitude of activities: talks, book sales, exhibitions by lesbian and / or feminist artists , round tables and debates about the films themselves, together with the cultural, political and social news of lesbians and women in general, scenic pieces related to this theme, etc.

The Festival has been growing year after year and has become one of the leading LES Festivals in the world with more than 7,000 attendees in past editions.

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