LGBT Pride Madrid - MADO

From 28 of June to 8 of July

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In the last years, the Pride celebrations in Madrid (MADO) have gathered more than 2 million participants. This party has become the most popular in Spain and one of the most important and crowded prides in the world.

Open-air concerts, 6 stages, parties, an international human rights conference, art, culture and sport; everything located around Chueca, in the centre of the capital. Not to mention the gay and lesbian leisure opportunities in Madrid, an example to other big capitals in the world.

The LGBT pride is a party open to everyone (children, youngsters, seniors, visitors and locals) in a multi-ethnic atmosphere, which reflects the diversity of nowadays society. “Pride, example of coexistence” is the motto illustrating this spirit. The whole city throws itself to the celebration of equality and diversity, in a ludic way, without forgetting the vindications from our community.

Madrid Pride, MADO, was chosen by INTERPRIDE (International Pride Organizers) to host the World Pride 2017. It was the fifth city in the world to host this event, attended by 3 million people. It thereby positioned Madrid as the best Pride celebration in the world.

Since then, MADO has acquired greatest relevance and international presence. So much so that, MADO received the MTV Tripout Gay Travel Award in November 2009 and later in 2010 and 2016.

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